• If this agreement falls under the jurisdiction of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), it will not nullify or infringe upon any rights granted to the consumer by that legislation.

• Geekware is not obligated to provide any additional warranty, but in some instances, it may offer an extended warranty for up to 1 year. However, such an extended warranty will only be applicable if explicitly disclosed, recorded, and communicated to the customer, and shall be subject to the communicated terms. Please note that the warranties available for products sold on our website will vary depending on the product and the manufacturer, as we source our products from different suppliers and manufacturers. The warranty provided by Geekware will be solely based upon the supplier's warranty.

• We encourage our customers to carefully review and become familiar with the terms of any and all warranties that apply to the goods they purchase from us. This will allow customers to understand the terms of the warranty and also identify to whom a warranty claim should be submitted.

• The products available on our site come from different suppliers and manufacturers, so the warranty for each product will vary depending on its origin. Any warranties provided by Geekware are based solely on the supplier warranty.

• If a product is covered by a warranty that is limited to repair or replacement, Geekware will not provide a refund for the returned item.

⦁ Acts of God may require insurance coverage. & is not covered under warranties.

• Geekware will not interfere with the determination made by the manufacturer-authorized service center, which will determine what constitutes customer-induced damage and will void the manufacturer's warranty in such cases. Geekware's warranty will also not be upheld for any product that carries physical damages caused by the customer, including product abuse or negligence.

⦁ The warranty may become void if you attempt to repair things on your own.

• Returns that are not covered by the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) shall be made on a return-to-base model, which means the customer is responsible for returning the goods to Geekware at their own expense. Any delivery charges associated with the return of goods shall be borne by the customer and not by Geekware.

⦁ In order to submit a warranty claim for products, it is imperative that the original packaging be included. Failure to furnish the original packaging may lead to rejection of the claim or imposition of a penalty/fee for processing the claim.

• If a product or device does not have an additional warranty provided by Geekware and only has a manufacturer's warranty, the customer may seek assistance from Geekware in the return or repair process. However, Geekware is not obligated to provide such assistance.

⦁ Creating recovery disks and having a backup solution can help protect your data but is not covered by warranties.

• Geekware will not be held liable for any damage caused by the customer to a product purchased under any circumstances. Any product that carries visible physical damage will not be accepted for return, and no warranty will be upheld for any damage resulting from product abuse or negligence. If such items are delivered to Geekware, the customer must arrange for their collection. If the customer fails to collect the items, Geekware will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from such failure.

• The warranties offered by Geekware for components are limited, and if the manufacturer provides a warranty, that warranty will be applicable. The customer will be notified of the warranty that applies to the product or component in question.

• Warranty claims will not be possible if an item malfunctions or is damaged due to lightning or electrical shortages. This means that the customer cannot claim for repairs or replacements under any warranties provided by the manufacturer or Geekware. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their electronic devices are protected against such risks since they are not covered by warranty.

⦁ Software-related issues or viruses are not covered under warranties.

• Geekware's warranty does not cover any defects in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, accidents, negligence by the customer or any other party, use of the goods in a way other than as recommended by Geekware, failure to follow the instructions provided by Geekware, or any alteration or repair of the goods carried out without the approval of Geekware. In such cases, any warranty provided by the manufacturer may also be voided. The determination of what constitutes customer-induced damage for which a warranty is voided shall be made by the manufacturer's authorized service center. Geekware shall not interfere with the determination made by the manufacturer.

⦁ Consumable parts such as batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs or other peripherals may not be covered under the warranty.

⦁ Cosmetic damage, such as scratches or dents, may not be covered under warranties.

• All monitors sold by Geekware come with no warranty from Geekware. Any warranty in respect of such monitors shall be provided by the manufacturer, and any claims related to such warranties must be handled directly with the relevant manufacturer and their return or repair process. Customers are urged to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty and to understand to whom the claim should be submitted. Geekware may, at its sole discretion, assist with the return or repair process but is under no obligation to do so.

• Warranty claims for physically damaged motherboards will be denied by Geekware. Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs in relation to such claims. Physical damage includes but is not limited to chips, burns, scratches, thermal paste in the CPU socket, and bent pins. In addition, any scrapes on the metal around the screw holes caused by over tightening of case screws will be considered physical damage as well. It is highly recommended that customers take great care when installing a motherboard.

• Geekware considers CPU-pin damage to be physical damage. When pins on a CPU are bent, the processor cannot be inserted into the socket on the motherboard, rendering the product unusable and will not accept any warranty claims or returns for products that have suffered this kind of damage. Customers are therefore urged to exercise caution when handling CPUs and ensure that they are inserted correctly into the socket on the motherboard. If a customer damages the pins on a CPU, Geekware will not be held responsible for any replacement or repair costs, and the customer will need to purchase a new CPU at their own expense. It is important to note that any warranties in respect of the product will be void, as the damage has been caused by the customer's actions and not by any fault of the product itself.

Geekware does not offer any warranty for laptops sold by the company. Instead, the manufacturer's warranty will be applicable for all laptops sold by Geekware, and any claims related to repairs or returns for such laptops must be directly handled with the relevant manufacturer.

⦁ Upgrading BIOS or damaging hardware is not covered under warranties.

The limited 1-year warranty for gaming chairs sold by Geekware applies only to manufacturing defects and not to damage caused by wear and tear. This means that if a gaming chair purchased from Geekware has a defect in materials or workmanship, customers may be entitled to a repair or replacement of the chair or a refund, depending on the specific terms of the warranty. However, if the damage to the chair is caused by normal wear and tear, such as worn-out fabric or padding, then the warranty will not cover it. Additionally, if the damage is caused by abuse or neglect, such as cuts, burns, or stains, then the warranty will also not apply. Customers who have questions about the specific terms of the warranty for their gaming chair purchased from Geekware should review the warranty information provided with the product or contact Geekware customer service for assistance.

When a customer purchases an item from Geekware that is used for mining or on a mining site, such as a graphics card, that item will come with a limited warranty from Geekware that will last for a maximum of three months. This means that if the item experiences any defects or malfunctions during this period, the customer can make a claim under the warranty and have it repaired or replaced. However, it's important to note that this limited warranty also applies to the manufacturer's warranty. It's important for customers to be aware of this limitation when purchasing items for mining purposes. While mining can be a lucrative endeavor, it can also put a significant strain on the hardware being used. As a result, the lifespan of these components may be shorter than those used for other purposes. By offering a limited warranty, Geekware is able to provide some protection for customers who use their products for mining.

⦁ The act of assembling a computer from individual components and subsequently causing harm to the equipment does not fall within the purview of warranties.

• Geekware does not provide any warranty when it comes to dead pixels. Dead-pixel policies are determined by each individual manufacturer, and it is the customer's responsibility to be familiar with the policy of the manufacturer of the product they have purchased from Geekware.

⦁ Incorrectly installing water cooling kits can cause leaks, which may damage hardware. Such damage is typically not covered under warranties. Additionally, running the pump dry can also cause damage to the cooler and is usually not covered under warranties.

⦁ Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any hardware damage resulting from leaks in a liquid cooling kit or liquid metal.

⦁ Please note that any damage caused by shorts or physical damage to the ports on a computer or laptop is not covered under warranty.

⦁ All stationery related products (pens,pencils,binders,sharpeners,etc) do not carry a warranty.

• This clause outlines the procedures that a customer must follow when making a warranty claim or raising a complaint about a product purchased from Geekware. Specifically, the customer must notify Geekware in writing via the "Contact Us" section of the website as soon as possible, but within 3 days of discovering the defect or when the damage should have been discovered. If a customer fails to report a defect within this time frame, then it will be presumed that the defect occurred after the warranty period or at the time it was actually reported to Geekware. Written notification is required, and it must be submitted through the designated communication channel on the website. Failure to provide written notification through the proper channels may result in a claim being denied. This clause emphasizes the importance of prompt and thorough communication between the customer and Geekware to ensure that any warranty claims or complaints are handled efficiently and effectively.

⦁ Equipment damaged by power outages (load shedding) is not covered under warranties.

⦁ Equipment damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD) is not covered under warranties.

• Software is under no circumstances covered by any warranty on any product. This includes software faults, errors, or data loss. It means that software products are not guaranteed to work as intended, and the manufacturer or developer is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of using the software. Users must understand the risks associated with using software and take appropriate measures to minimize those risks. This may include backing up data, using anti-virus software, and keeping the software up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Software is sold as-is, without any guarantee of performance or protection against errors or data loss. It is the responsibility of the user to understand and mitigate the risks associated with using the software.

⦁ Upgrading or modifying your hardware or software may void your warranty.

• If a product under warranty is discontinued or out of stock, the manufacturer or service center has the discretion to suggest a suitable replacement product. Geekware is not allowed to request a specific product as a replacement unless it is agreed upon by the manufacturer or service center. When a product is under warranty, it means that the manufacturer or service center is responsible for providing repairs or replacements if the product fails or does not meet the customer's expectations. However, if the product is no longer available, the manufacturer or service center may need to offer a replacement product as an alternative. This is because they still have an obligation to provide the customer with a working product, despite the fact that the original product is no longer available. Geekware does not have the authority to request a specific product as a replacement if the original product is no longer available. This is because the manufacturer or service center has the discretion to suggest a suitable replacement product based on their knowledge of the available products and what would be most appropriate for the customer's needs.

• Geekware does not have the authorization to open or tamper with certain devices or products. This means that there are some products that Geekware is not allowed to open or modify in any way, and that such activities should only be conducted by the manufacturer of the product. The reason for this restriction is to avoid the risk of voiding a customer's warranty. When a customer purchases a product, it often comes with a warranty that provides certain protections and guarantees. If a third party, such as Geekware, were to open or tamper with the product, it could potentially void the warranty, leaving the customer with no protection if something goes wrong with the product. Therefore, Geekware will not engage in any activities that could potentially void a customer's warranty, as they do not want to risk being held liable for any damages or issues that may arise as a result of their actions.

The statement "All warranties are local" (based in South Africa) Any items purchased from Geekware and taken internationally will not be covered by an international warranty, unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. "Geekware holds no liability for charges on the return of any such items outside of South African borders" indicates that any warranties provided by Geekware, a company located in South Africa, only apply within the country. If a customer buys an item from Geekware and takes it outside of South Africa, the warranty will not be valid unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. If the customer encounters any issues with the item purchased from Geekware outside of South Africa, they will not be eligible to make a warranty claim for repairs or replacements. This is because the warranty only applies within South Africa, and taking the item out of the country can render the warranty void. Geekware will not be held responsible for any charges associated with returning the item from outside of South Africa. This implies that the customer will bear the costs of shipping the item back to South Africa for repairs or replacements. Therefore, any warranties provided by Geekware only apply within South Africa, and any items taken outside the country may not be covered by the warranty. The customer will be accountable for any charges incurred in sending the item to South Africa for repairs or replacements.