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Our team of experts will gladly assist you with computer repairs.
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Should the repair quotation be accepted, the assessment fee of R250 shall be waivered.

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• Troubleshoot the affected computer • Complete Removal of Viruses, Spyware, Malware, etc.
• Resolving Blue Screen errors in Windows - Boot up issues
• Verify anti-virus software is installed and updated.
• Update Security Patch - Patch Management
• System Maintenance – and suggest additional repairs/upgrades and preventative maintenance

R650.00 (Estimate)

• Setup a PC or Mac book (including monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers)
• Verify internet connectivity and set up one email account.
• Install and configure one external device – printer/scanner/NAS hard drive (hardware not included)
• Installation of one software package (software not included in price)

R450.00 (Estimate)

• Removing temporary files and unnecessary system files using specialized software. • Verify antivirus is installed and updated
• Stop unnecessary programs from running at startups to speed up boot time.
• Cleaning Internal Components - removing dust
• Computer hardware and PC diagnostic tests to scan your system and spot failing hardware before it's too late. per your request.

R400.00 (Estimate)

• Transfer all data from One PC to Another PC (programs not included) Includes documents, pictures, music, favorites/bookmarks)
• Backup data to external hard drive (hard drive not included)
• Configure Automatically Backup Files to External Drive (additional backup software maybe extra)
• Optional – Off-Site Data Backup setup. Schedule your important files to be to a cloud server

R650.00 (Estimate)

• Set up and configure an existing email account on a computer or mobile device.
• Users must have passwords available
• Internet connection is required
• Troubleshoot existing email account
• Service includes setup and repair of email client if necessary

R350.00 (Estimate)

• Install one operating system on a working PC – (client must supply disc and valid license key)
• Install drivers
• Install critical updates

R500.00 (Estimate)

• Setup, configure, and test local printer (client supplies printer and necessary cables)
• Internet connection is required
• Troubleshooting offline printer problems

R350.00 (Estimate)

• Minimum and recommended computer specifications for software
• Install updates to software if needed
• Installing system drivers that allow devices such as sound speaker printers to communicate with the computer
• Software is not included and must be provided by the client
• Installing and setting up Microsoft office packages (client must supply disc and valid license key)

R350.00 (Estimate)

• Install/Configure wireless router – with WPA3-Personal-WPA2 (AES)
• Install/Configure wireless devices – PC, laptop, TV, game console Ect. (up to 5)
• Secure network
• Add an additional device during initial setup – (R50)

R450.00 (Estimate)

Computer Maintenance

• Upgrade and Install Memory (RAM) in a Desktop Computer / laptop
• Ram memory Installation - (client supplies necessary Hardware)

R250.00 (Estimate)

• Computer power replacement (PSU) - (client supplies necessary Hardware)
• Cable Management

R300.00 (Estimate)

• Assessment fee to acquire model numbers to provide a quote for assessment
• (Does not include replacement parts)

R250.00 (Estimate)

• Installing of the Air / Liquid Cooler
• Re-apply thermal paste ( if needed )
• Custom Liquid Cooling loops - (additional cost apply)

R250.00 (Estimate)

• Hard drive formatting and resetting the hard drive to factory settings
• Replace the Failing hard drive. - (client supplies necessary Hardware)
• Recover data from damaged hard disk - (additional backup software maybe extra)

R500.00 (Estimate)

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